LGBT Buyers


South Florida is fast becoming the LGBT Communities favorite destination.  Trendy South Beach in Miami used to be the go to Florida locale.  In recent years though, Fort Lauderdale has not only challenged Miami but eclipsed it in popularity.  Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale is now the home of the Allure of the Seas.  Most know it as the largest gay cruise ship in the world and for its momentous LGBT cruises. Fort Lauderdale Beach has become a world class competitor for our LGBT dollars with the trendy guest houses and brand new super luxurious hotels like the W.  In the heart of Fort Lauderdale lies a small city called Wilton Manors that has become a world famous destination. According to some surveys, it now has the largest percentage of LGBT citizens of any U.S. city.  Clothing stores, restaurants, nightclubs and coffee shops all owned or extremely focused on our community.  With the recent downturn in Real Estate prices, now is the time to buy.  In many cases the condos and houses are as much as 45% less than they were only a few years ago!  We can help you find the perfect place to call home!

“The Allure of the Seas is not only exclusively based out of
Fort Lauderdale, but is the largest gay cruise ship in the world!”