Quebecois Buyers



Quebec Winters can be especially cold and many Qubecois have been buying vacation homes in South Florida. The bargains are out there if you know where to look.  Finding a great deal in a safe area near the beach can be tough.  The low prices that you see advertised are often in areas that you wouldn’t feel comfortable in.  We can find that perfect condo or house for you.  The Canadian dollar is close to par and the real estate prices are the lowest in more than a decade.  Now is the time to buy!

“Richard zeroed in on the perfect condo to fit our needs in Pompano Beach in a matter of weeks.  On a beautiful green golf course, pet friendly and the price was the best part of the deal!  Virtually the same condo as ours sold for $40,000 more than what we paid only a couple of months later!

Carl Aube & Gilles Laferriere ~ Chambly, Quebec